Khiko & Shelah: A Choco Wedding

A wedding where both the groom and the bride read their vows written from the bottom of their hearts. I think, the most important part of the ceremony that occupied a worthy time was the exchange of vows of Khiko & Shelah, aside from the message and the declaration of the officiating minister that they are now legally husband and wife. They both said it with all candor, no wonder many were teary-eyed and wiped their cheeks while listening to them. Here’s a wedding with a motif that is a combination of chocolate brown and gold, thus the color cast in the photos is noticeably choco.


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  2. Hello khiko &shela ,
    Best wishes to both of you,maganda ang wedding ninyong dalawa for me si khiko tahimik lang yun pala ikakasal na ika nga “Simple peru rock” may the good Lord blessed you you guys more blessings,at patuloy na paglilingkod kay Lord kasama na ngayun ang wife mo.see you soon . mommy lou

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